Just to Clarify…

To any who are familiar with the concept of film reviews, it becomes obvious that they are completely subjective to the writer. Taking this into account (and with 2/3 of the year down), I decided to clarify regarding the format of mine. So here’s the basic layout…


Title (Date of film’s RELEASE*)     Rating out of 5

Director (Film Studio)


*The date I posted the review is ALWAYS at the bottom. I usually try to see films in the order they are released, so that they may be posted in that same order. It’s worked out pretty well so far, mainly because I just started this site in September, whereas my reviews for 2011’s films have been archived since the beginning of the year. So expect some discontinuity as Oscar season approaches. In the meantime, if I see films from this year on DVD, Blu-Ray, digital copy, whatever – I will likely post the date of that home video release, just to make things seem a little more relevant.


And although I’m having a great time reviewing current releases, I do plan to upload more miscellaneous film pieces VERY soon! So please enjoy … and always feel free to comment!


Yours Truly,

Corey Koepper (CKep)


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