“We do not run The Artifice, you do.”

Hey guys, you should probably check out The Artifice … and not just because I’m writing for it now. This writer-maintained site, launched on November 7th, covers a wide variety of art and entertainment, which should only become more expansive as it reaches the next phase (The Artifice is in its beta stage right now, meaning some features will soon work with greater efficiency, while seemingly empty sections will eventually become overflowing auras of content). Enjoy some of the great articles already online, with links to two of mine posted below!

P.S. – Although all articles written for The Artifice must be original, don’t expect this blog to be any more neglected than it already has. Although I think I’ve sufficiently discussed both Lincoln and Flight in the second article above, the season will bring forth its tradition of bountiful, cinematic delights, enough to fill both The Artifice and my personal blog with necessary coverage.